Volumio3 can't acces the plugin store

Hi Team:

I can’t acces the plugin store as Volumio keep telling me to login to MyVolumio althoug I’m already logged in to Volumio and can see my login information on the GUI.

I tested on pi4 and pi 5 based on Volumio-3.631-2024-02-21-pi.img and Volumio-3.661-2024-04-24-pi.img many times,Download load the img by the Raspberry Pi Imager tools.Including changing various network configurations. But the test results are all the same.

Last year, I installed and used quite a few plugins, and they all worked normally. Did I miss any steps? Additionally, I only need the plugin that outputs the GUI through HDMI to the screen for doing some test. So is there a way that I can directly download the plugin from GitHub and install by input command via SSH? This might be faster.

If you can provide support, I would be very grateful.

Please check if the date on the rPi’s is correct, if not correct it

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have noticed this issue before. I have set the RPI’s time to exactly match my current environment time. The result is the same.

can you ssh and type

volumio endpointstest

to see what happens with network