Volumio2, WebGUI, Install TouchScreen UI AddOn

during my installation of the new version (i used the actualy image) i try to used my raspberry touch-screen to control volumio.
i found the new plugin/addon system and try to install “Touch screen display”.
in addition to the addon the system install multiple packages including an x-server to visualize the webpage.

during the installation it seems to hang and i open the detail-box to got the reason.
the volumio based os (rasbian i think) seems to have no locales set - but the additional packages arround the touch-screen plugin need to have it. so the installation ask for selection of the codepage but i can’t interact with it.

it might be usefull to set the language default du englisch?
maybe its very nice to change it in the config but its only affecting the gui.

after i configure the locales within the first start i can install the addon without any problems.
you may change that in the default image?

thank you for support & development!