Volumio2 shutdown

Since Volumio2 loads on RAM (like picoreplayer or slightly different?), is there any real need to soft shutdown the pi in order to avoid SD corruption or other problems?
This is for a car installation where having the pi powered 24/7 isn’t an option.
Powering it from the ignition seems the best option there.

Anyone on this subject?


have a look at this thread : https://volumio.org/forum/cold-shutdown-possible-with-volumio-t5795.html


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It’s always a good idea to properly turn-off the Pi: there is always a risk of data-corruption if not done properly as boot and data partitions are always mounted.

You can easily do that by wiring some GPIOs pins to a push-button: ideally you would choose GPIO3 (pin5) (if your DAC does not use that pin), and install/setup GPIO-Buttons plugin accordingly: that particular pin can serve to boot and shutdown with same button.
You may choose another pin for shutdown, should you DAC use that pin already: please read this discussion for details.

With recent Volumio versions, you could use dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown,= statement in /boot/config.txt in place of GPIO-Buttons plugin, if you do not need all other features from that plugin (more details here)

Have fun!

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Would it be correct to shutdown Volumio from the shell script by simply issuing “sudo systemctl poweroff” command?

In the Volumio sources in platformSpecific.js this command is preceeded by issuing sync.

Is this sync really needed?
Doesn’t it already been issued automatically in poweroff sequence?

Regards, Vlad.

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cd /volumio

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Thank you, but I need to fully shutdown the OS so that I could switch off the power afterwards.
And vstop is just disables the service.

It seems I’ve found the good solution:
playback.js shutdown