volumio2 RC1 long play file problem

Hello everyone,
I have some long play(more than 6 hours) m4a files.
No sound will come out halfway, around 40 minutes after playing even though Web GUI is working and count up.
Raspberry Pi 3 with JBL pebbles USB speaker and ODROID C1+ with I2S card show the same problem.
I have verified these m4a files with other platform without problem.
Any help would be appreciated.[size=1]reverse image search email checker port checker[/size]


This should go in the ‘Help’ or ‘Bug Reports’ section, where you will (hopefully) get more feedback.

Regarding your problem:

  1. Does it only occur with m4a files? If you play a 6 hour FLAC or MP3 file, does the audio drop after ~40 minutes?
  2. Do the m4a files reside locally on the device, or are you playing them over network?

If the files are not copyrighted, is it possible for you to PM me a link to download one or two for testing on my device?