Volumio2 on x86 - shell on primary monitor

I’m using Volumio2 (ver. 2.004) on a NUC-like system. Works great (thank you Volumio-team :smiley:), but I experienced some problems with my network connections and needed to log into the system via a local shell. Usually in debian-like systems you are able to press F1 to enter the system on the primary monitor (my TV in my case), but in Volumio I get a Google-screen and I am not able to enter the system in this way (at least I was not able to as far as I could see). I also was not able to go back to the Volumio-screen (I was expecting to refert back via F7, but that does not seem to work either). I switched off the system and reinstalled my USB-stick and was able to get my LAN working the way I wanted.
Am I missing something? Is there a way to enter the system locally in case of LAN connection problems? If it’s not implemented can you add this feature, please?

Ctrl-Alt F1 gets you to the shell, Ctrl-Alt F2 back to Volumio