Volumio2 on nfsroot


Is it possible to have Volumio 2 on a NFSroot ?
I have Volumio 1.5 on an nfs root running now but i see the layout of the partitions have changed.

Reason why, i have a triple boot setup for my raspberry pi and Volumio is one of them. Only the boot partitions are on the SD card. The rest of the data is on my NAS.
So i can choose what OS will be run at boot time.

Thanks in advance!

You may want to read this which kind of goes into similar direction.
In short you can pretty much use squash distribution file and have it mounted like in a Berryboot way: looking at initramfs construction may help you understand image layout.
There will be some limitations (OTA update, eventual specific drivers for DACs or wireless cards,…), but can be set in a workable manner.

I have noticed the init script on the ramfs but unfortunately this script has hard coded partition names in it.
Maybe something for the developers to make a parameter file for.

Is placing a new squash fs part of the upgrade procedure of volumio 2 or is it based on something like apt-get upgrade ?

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