Volumio2 IR plugin trouble on Audiophonics DAC

Volumio 2.175 + Rpi3 + Audiophonics I2S Dac Sabre V3 + OLED WinStar + PowerButton

(audiophonics.fr/en/diy-dac/a … 0657.html9

Hello everybody, I have the upper configuration, all work very well, but when I start the IR plugin “IR Remote controller” through the WEB interface on plugin windows menu (activate), display crash. I must deactivate and reboot volumio for read OLED tag information.
I suspect that the IR sensor GPIO are already used by the OLED display and therefore are in conflict.
Audiophonics board uses pin 21 for IR in, no out IR needed.
How do I change the GPIO in the plugin configuration? How do I fix this problem?
Thank you

Errata corrige…
Audiophonics Technical Information say IR Pin is 26 non 21…