Volumio2 FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Volumio2 and what’s the difference beetween 1.55?

Volumio2 is the brand new rework of Volumio. Volumio2 is meant to address all the main issues of Volumio, and bring lots of improvements. To name the most importants:

  • Be expandable, allowing everyone to add functionalities to it via plugins
  • Be able to run 24/7 365 without impacting on SD Card reliability
  • Be updated constantly via an OTA updater, without needing to reflash
  • Be easily ported on every device, including x86 (every ordinary computer)
  • Have, as usual, the highest Audio Quality possible

What are the minimum requirements for Volumio2?

Since Volumio2 works on RAM, the only caveat is to have at least 512 MB of RAM (raspberry PI 1). For an optimal experience at least 1GB and multicore CPU is suggested (Raspberry PI B+ \ 2)

Where can I get it?

As of now, early builds are available only for Raspberry PI, on the main github repo here:

I found a bug, what can I do to report it?

Your best bet is to understand if this has already been reported here:

If that’s the case, help us understand what’s wrong by adding your experience with as much details as possible.
If you’re the first in bad luck, just create a new issue trying to explain in the more comprehensive way possible.

How can I help?
You can contribute to Volumio in many ways:

  • Supporting the community by writing documentation and helping others, reporting bugs or simply giving suggestions on design and functionalities.

  • Coding new parts \ fixing whats wrong. All the code is hosted on github, and the core discussion points are on:
    While the existing docs are

  • Spreading the word, write reviews on forums, website, posts. The more people use Volumio, the better it will become

Additional question and link:

Volumio 2 for cubox as a final release and not a development build is to be found here:

[to be advised]

I tried to boot with sd card on udoox86 adv but it stops, the same sd card with a usb adapter works properly, are you already aware of this problem?
Do you know how I can solve it?
Thank you!!

Dear Sirs,
I do not know if I’m putting this question in the proper place. If not I will apologize.
Why installing Volumio on PC is so complex compared to installing Spotify?
I made the subscription of Volumio (Virtuoso) I use the DAC “audiophonics u-saber usb dac 24bit_96khz sa9023_es9023 v”, 1 but I was not successful in installing Volumio!
Best regards,
Pedro Simões

My 10tb hard disk takes 1h to load and repeats the operation every time I turn on the reader
Is there anything I can do to solve this?
Thank You!!

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