Volumio1.51, GPIO #26, doesn't work for IR remote

Hi there,

My Pi HAT has an IR receiver which uses GPIO #26. I installed lirc on Volumio 1.51. When I added

irc_rpi gpio_in_pin=26

into the configuration file, dev/lirc0 disappeared.

This issue didn’t happen in Volumio 1.5

Thanks in advance!


Which Pi are we talking about?

At least the Pi A and B don’t have the GPIO26 available on any Connector (P1, P5). Do you mean pin 26 on P1? This is the SPIO_CE1_N signal or GPIO7 on the BCM2835.

Try configuring LIRC to GPIO7.



The ir module of the dac i using is connected gpio 26(pin 37) of raspberry pi b+.
And i can’t see /dev/lirc0 .