Volumio + Yamaha MusicCast

Hello everybody.
I am planning the following project and am keen on getting feedback and advice as I am a newbee to the raspberry and linux world.
I want to run my home music server with Volumio on raspberry pi with a HDD/SSD so that this is a noisless, fanless alternative to a fullscale NAS.
The raspi is connected via ethernetswitch to my home network that inculdes a couple of Yamaha loudspeakers (MusicCast multiroom enabeled).
Now I am mainly concerned about two issues:

  1. Can MusicCast recognize the Volumio media server and readout the tags properly?
    As a quick and dirty alternative I have connected an HDD to my Fritz!Box (wifi hub with some media server functionality). MusicCast can read out the files but not tags on flac-files. That makes it very clumsy to use. Will Volumio on a raspy remmedy that?
    Does anybody have experience with Volumio & MusicCast an alternative suggestion?
  2. Where can I find a kit or bundel that combines a raspy with an HDD/SSD and potentially a DAC and power supply in one housing.

Thanks for your support and advice.
Cheers LeDoc