Volumio x86 won't boot on Intel NUC5CPYH

I prepared a bootable USB device - a Lexar 8Gb SDHC card that I have been using in my dual boot Linux box (LibreELEC/Kodi or Linux Mint) for several months - according to the simple and clear x86 instructions here at the Volumio website. However, Volumio will not finish booting. (Linux Mint still boots fine from the internal SSD.) The USB keyboard works during initial boot, but not after the aborted Volumio load attempt.

Here is a pic of the error:

Volumio Boot Error.JPG

And the partitions on the SD Card:

Volumio SDHC Partitions.JPG

Sorry, I missed your question completely.
Which version of Volumio did you try?
Not sure if your NUC has it, but try booting from a USB 2.0 port, not USB3.0
I had difficulties with USB on my NUC.

For the NUC5CPYH you could also test the dev version as published in this topic