Volumio x86 screen rotation

Hi everyone,

i’m using Volumio (latest build) on my Lenovo Miix 320, and it works like a charm.

Only “problem” is, that the display is not in landscape mode, it’s in portrait mode.
That means it has to be rotated 90° clockwise.

Anyone knows how to do this?
Perhaps it can be put as an option in the appearance section in future builds.

Thx, Joe.

Hello. Did you manage to find a solution having the same problem.

Using command line to rotate video display:

  • From the command prompt type:
    • xrandr -o left
    • xrandr -o right
    • xrandr -o normal
    • xrandr -o inverted

Adding “display_rotate=x” to /boot/userconfig.txt and reboot to change the video display rotation.
(Where x = 0 (normal), 1 is 90 degree, 2 is 180 degree, 3 is 270 degree.)