Volumio won't detect DLNA server

Volumio 3.512
Gerbera v1.12.1-12-g122dcf39 (DLNA server)
miniDLNA v1.3 (DLNA server)

I have ‘DLNA Browser’ enabled under ‘Sources’. When I navigate to ‘Media Servers’ none are being detected. I’ve tested with two DLNA servers (Gerbera and miniDLNA) and neither have been detected. I have disabled and re-enabled the ‘DLNA Browser’ after boot as some folks reported it as a workaround but it didn’t resolve the issue for me. Both DLNA servers are being recognized on Windows 10, Debian 11, iOS and Android. Any suggestions? Thank you


Dumb question, but is there network connectivity between the Volumio and the DLNA server? I run minidnla and have no issues at all with my Pis running Volumio :frowning:


None of my other devices are having any issues. I am using Foobar 2000 (mobile and desktop) and Kodi. I’ve considered specifying the server explicitly like you can with Foobar, but I am not sure how to go about it. In Foobar you can “bookmark” the server with a hardcoded URL: http://192.x.x.x.x:8200/rootDesc.xml. Thanks for your reply. : )

Indeed, but…in my years of sorting IT stuff, I’ve learned to check the basics :wink:

What are you running Kodi on? I would log onto that device and explicitly try to ping you DLNA server. If ping works, I’d try to telnet to it on port 8200. See what that does. My guess is that your DLNA server is working fine, but something about your Kodi device config is preventing traffic


Kodi is running on Debian, Foobar 2000 desktop is running on W10, Foobar 2000 mobile is running on iOS and Droid. My DLNA servers also run SMB. My Volumio box has no problems accessing and mounting the SMB share. The network is not the issue. I should add that every blue moon the DLNA server is detected but no content is listed. This may happen once out of fifty reboots, maybe less. It doesn’t make any sense to me especially since other apps are able to pick up the service.