Volumio without internet

You may be asking something obvious.
Today my internet server did not work all day. My system is a Rasp3 + Allo Boss DAC + latest version of Volumio.
It is connected by network and by wifi. If I look with Fing I see that it is connected to the network. But it does not work, the graphical interface is not seen, it does not connect from the browser to either connection.
I guess it should connect, the network is working, it is connected, I should be able to use Volumio with my Network Library. But it doesn’t.
Is there a setting that I am not considering?
Thanks since now.

This has been a thing in the past.
It was supposed to have been addressed a couple of versions ago, but my experience was the same as yours.
WiFi working, internet connection down, Volumio stops working. I haven’t tried it with the current version, but I’m not surprised by your report.

Today I had the same issue, the internet was “down” for me, so I wanted to listen to some NAS stuff, but i could’nt even start the GUI. At least I was able to use volumio as a player via airplay.
Latest Volumio Beta from march 2021

I have never tried this but I believe that the answer is to set Hotspot Fallback to ON (it is Off by default).

In Settings/ Network/ Hotspot Settings, set Hotspot Fallback to ON and SAVE. I believe that when Volumio loses WiFi connection to your Router, it will then revert to being a WiFi Hotspot and you will be able to connect your Phone App to it. You may have to switch off your Router so that Volumio loses its WiFi connection snd reverts to being a Hotspot.

What if you use Lan instead of WiFi?
I don’t see a Hotspot setting at all.

I am listening now, so don’t want to try going to WiFi to see.

Question is why wouldn’t it work with Lan too.

Not sure whose post you are referencing but if you are referring to mine, I think that the WiFi settings will only light up if you have a WiFi enabled RPi such as the 3B or 4B or a 2B with a WiFi USB adapter plugged in. Below is a screenshot of my setup settings screen:

Again, I am not sure, but I believe that if you connect by Ethernet or WiFi to a Router and the Internet connection fails, the ability to connect to Volumio via the App or Web Browser will hang. I overcame this problem by setting the Hotspot Fallback to ON.

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Useful to know. When/if we have a prolonged outage.

At the moment it’s been rock solid for years.
We will go fibre all the way in the not too distant future too!

I thought I ought to add that I have tested that with Hotspot Fallback turned on, and the WiFi Drops, Volumio reverts to Hotspot Mode and I was able to access it by connecting my Phone WiFi to it,

I was able to access the Music repositories and play from the Menu so I expect that it is feasible to use Volumio without Wifi and Internet connection, simply by using a Phone to access the Volumio Hotspot.