Volumio with USB Sound Card and strange 5.1 problem


I’m using an USB Sound Card (Cmedia chipset) that is able to playback 5.1 (has 3 3.5mm conectors).
I can play and works in ssh / cli the speaker-test -c5 -twav. All sounds are in correct order and works.
I even unplugged each P2 (3.5mm) cable and checked that is correct.
Using mplayer or aplay in cli is also correct with some ogg/wav 5.1 surround testing sounds.

But when I go to Volumio and play the same ogg/wav, it’s nothing “mapping” the right channels and only geting 2 channels (the rear is never used!)
Same with youtube and spoitfy plugins.

What can I do to test in volumio interface the same results I got in cli?

Thanks in advance!

AFAIK volumio only supports 2-channel (stereo)


That explain everything. I wanted to re-purpose my non-bluetooth 5.1 system as bluetooth receiver (a2dp) with Volumio (for web interface, Spotify client) connecting to my NAS.

The pulseaudio and alsa from command line with speaker-test full works with 5.1, but not the Volumio.
Maybe it’s not a scope for the project or is in the roadmap?

Thank you!

Can’t see it being thought of as a way forward for Volumio, as Volumio’s about music and that is really only stereo, even today. There are very few outposts of quadrophonic or surround sound recordings, so the only real target for the project is stereo music to greater and greater fidelity. Volumio does offer the HDMI channel as a way out, but I suspect that you’ll still only get L and R channels on it…