Volumio with raspberry B+

Hi everyone,

I have a old raspberry B+.
Is it possible to use Volumio on this device?

yes, it’s possible

ok, but which version, because when I try, I have a screen with VOLUMIO and…nothing !
Wifi and LAN connection are out.

A far as I know the raspberry Pi B+ does not have wireless capability.

The WiFi chip only gets incorporated with Raspberry Pi 3 variants (3A+, 3B+) and subsequent models.

I am currently running the current version of Volumio - 3.631 - on a raspberry Pi 2B with a WiFi dongle fitted to one of the USB ports.

I think that the OP should be able to get Volumio to work by adding a WiFi dongle

what do you mean?
screen is black?
something displayed?

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Initialy, my screen show a title “VOLUMIO” on the center on the screen and after…yes, screen is black and then…few moment later, my monitor switch on standby.

I have a WIFI dongle on my RPI B+ but that and my ethernet cable are not visible on my list of device of my router.
But, I know they work because, I tried to install RPI OS before.

how did you flash the volumio image on the SD-card?


ok, a few tricks to avoid problems.

  1. do not use the Volumio OS included in Raspberry Pi imager, please download the latest stable image from Volumio website, unzip it and flash it selecting “custom os”

  2. do not apply any customization to the image, when requested in the last step before flashing. If you apply customization, the OS won’t boot

I suggest that you follow Darmur’s suggestions.
Additionally, I would disconnect the ethernet cable before you start the Volumio install. As Volumio creates it’s own wifi hotspot immediately after install you may need to search for it as a WiFi network or use your web browser, typing http://volumio.local into the address bar on you browser. That should get you to the first Config Wizard. Then follow the set up instructions. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

ok. I can boot now with Ethernet cable…thanks DARMUR !
now…I don’t know why, when I want to connect by WIFI, Volumio (or RPI) bug and stop !
Maybe is due to WIFI dongle driver ?

hum…ok…all Volumio’s installation is corrupt !..What’s the… :thinking:

when I’m connect to my wifi network, Volumio break himself…Any idea ?

i expect the dongle you use isn’t supported anymore?

On Volumio UI, I can find all WIFI network, so I think my dongle is supported

Bus 005 Device 004: ID 0bda:8179 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
RTL8188EUS 802.11n Wireless Network Adapter