Volumio with MQA

Is there a way to force Volumio to do the first MQA unfold? I have a Pro Ject S2 DAC with a documented issue when it performs all the unfold, so it is advised to make the first MQA unfold by software

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Hi there

I have read elsewhere in the community from a Volumio developer that if the proprietary MQA software is included with the package, it would break the terms of the MPD software licence. Since MPD is the core player in Volumio, it will never happen unless that is changed.

You can connect an MQA DAC say, Audioquest or Brooklyn models to Volumio and this should support the MQA decoding from the bitstream, provided you use 100% - No mixer settings on the output.

You could also do the software unfold on a player such as Audirvana 3, using Volumio as a UPnP endpoint.

In my system I find that setting the Tidal Quality to “Lossless” will play everything back at Red Book (16/44.1) which sounds perfectly fine to me.