Volumio with iFi nano and MQA

I just received my iFi Nano iDSD BL today and of course immediately plugged it in. It says in the manual that MQA would be passed through and show as magenta, just like on my Dragonfly, but this isn’t happening. I’m seeing green, which indicates PCM at all bitrates. Is there any way within Volumio to tell what is being passed through USB to the DAC? And is there some setting I’m missing maybe?

My setup is Audirvana on an iMac over UPnP to a RPI running Volumio, out via USB to the iFi.

I m using ifi micro dsd black label as usb dac for raspberry pi 3 volumio ver. 2.522.
Subscribe on virtuoso for Tidal MQA playpack. The ifi MQA led magenta is not lit up.
On my android screen showing 24bits 48Khz. If I run Tidal on window10 the ifi MQA led is on.

Verified the Ifi hardware decode led colour is correct when I use volumio on 24bit 192khz , dsd64,128,256. files.
Any solution to this when using Tidal MQA on volumio?

Volume must be at 100 for hardware MQA decoding to work, verify that :wink:

Thanks for your hints, I had checked on the volumio playback options.

Dsd auto volume level --ON
Volume Normalisation – ON
Mixer Type – None

On the playback main display volume showing 100/100 still unable to get Ifi MQA decode colour magenta.
Any clues i can try out?

Same here, on Raspberry 3B+, both with iFi nano BL and Audioquest Dragonfly Black. I believe I’ve tried every possible settings combination…


I have same issue