Volumio with Hifiberry Amp100 AND RPI 7" Touchscreen

Hi out there,

I just got the “Hifiberry AMP100” running with Voulumio.
This will probably be even easier in the future… :wink:

Does anyone know the pin assignment for the connection between RPI 3 B+ and the Hifiberry AMP100?
(Currently I’ve just plugged it in as described by Hifiberry, because I couldn’t find any more information on the internet)

My Idea:
With the contact assignment, I might also be able to get the 7" touchscreen from RPI to work with the AMP100. I would then even supply both (RPI with touch screen) and AMP100 separately…
(Switched on and of by the nice Audiophonics solution)

Thank you for your replies in advance

Best regards


I´ve just fount some description at hifiberry see link:

I’ll ceep you informed about my “device” with AMp100 and Touchscreen…

kind regards