Volumio WiFi setup

Hello, so a RPI noob here, how you you connect the RPI3 to volumio via WiFi?
From what im getting is that the RPi3 has a integrated WiFi chip.
So how would you go about connecting it to your network?

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Hi Xereor,

If the install has been successful Volumio will create an own wifi hotspot with the surprising name: Volumio.

You can login using volumio2 as a password and then access the webinterface via Volumio.local or the IP of the device, in my case often

From the webinterface, select settings and the network. If you wait a little you should see a list of found Wifi networks and you’ll be able to select your own and enter the password. After this Wifi will reset and Volumio will connect to your network. Good luck!

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So i did all of that but when i unplug ethernet cable volumio just stops working.
Is it required to have a ethernet cable plugged in?

No it doesn’t, but you’ll need to have a connection in order to operate it one way or the other. While using the cable, have you been able to connect to the wireless network? Could you check whether the hotspot functionality I mentioned is set as active in the network settings?

I have tried it with hotspot on and off i am connected to my network, could it be that you need to connect to your volumio network to send a song?

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I think it should be possible to use Volumio of you’re connected with the Volumio network, but naturally you should be able to use it connected to your wifi network or via cable.

I previously had the same issue, which was solved by installing Volumio again (thus downloading the latest image, flashing the sd card). Maybe something went wrong during installation.

Otherwise I find it difficult to determine the real problem and I’m too much of a novice to help you much further. Hopefully somebody else notices your problem now and is able to help.


What version of Volumio are you using please? There was a problem such as this in earlier Volumio versions.