Volumio (WebUI + App) first steps

Hello Volumio community! I’m new here, i hope this is the right place :wink:
My Setup:

  • Amp Rega Brio 6th generation
  • CD Player Rega Apollo
  • Speakers Tannoy M20 Gold MKII
  • Synology DS218 to store CD RIPs (mostly FLAC 16/44 and 24/96)

Yesterday i installed Volumio 3 (Free version 3.423) on a Raspberry Pi 3B, plugged everything, connected to the WebUI, and run the wizard => Smooth experience
Then i configured the DLNA (both side) to access my Synology data, and try to play some music (through the RPi jack for now) with the Iphone App => Works great

I’m a little bit puzzled by a few things:

  • Everytime i launch the app (or WebUI) i have to navigate to Media Server/MySynology/Music/etc… and then select my tracks => Any way to have a specific folder as home page, or favorite?
  • To start playing music i can’t click on a track, i have to hit the big Play button for the entire album
  • Once a music is playing, if i click on another track the playback stops but the new track do not launch

Given the reviews, i am sure i’m doing something wrong here, or there is a hardware bottleneck maybe?
Thank you for any help or insights on my usage


  • Nope, this is the way how your Synology publish over uPnP/DNLA. The only way to make changes here is within Synology.
    You could mount the NAS and use the Artist/Album/Genre folders in the Volumio UI
    Or use different software like LMS or JRiver, the latter is fully customizable.
  • Yes
  • I guess this happens when you use the media server as source?
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Hi and thanks for your quick feedback!

  • Yes, i figures the Synology create and index a folder structure. I used a Media Server package on it. I’ll look for different solution on the NAS side. I’m interested on mounting the NAS but i haven’t find how to do it in Volumio. Could you tell me?
    ** Yes*
    ** I guess this happens when you use the media server as source?*
    Yes both point 2 and 3 happens when i play files from the NAS (Media Server as Sources)
    What does this mean?

There is a LMS version for the Synology, LMS works like a charm and is free.



Mounting, have look here:

Your uPnP/DNLA on the NAS is causing issues, prob. an outdated built or resource issues as the NAS was intended to serve files, but people started to use it as a computer :slight_smile:

Since the browse path is static regardless of what it is, shortcut system could be implemented to combat browsing deeply nested hierarchies of folders.

i think this actually would be good feature to have, as you sometimes have no easy way to change the path atleast completely.

ie. Server/MySynology/Music/etc… could be translated to → Music(Synology)/etc... or so.

And who’s is going to maintain all these translation, just to name a few…
Synology, Twonky, AssetPnP, MediaMonkey, Plex, Mezzmo, Serviio, Tversity, Wild Media Server, JRiver, LMS, …
It’s only needed on the first entry, as when you’re in the nested folder structure, you most likely will stay there.

The user who does have all of those devices and creates shortcut for all of those.

Of course it would be pita to maintain in OS level, but user craftable shortcuts don’t need any maintaining expect from user.

But yeah I guess this would not really be used by too many users.

You can always suggest this as new feature. :wink:

@Wheaten OK, mounting the NAS was everything i needed, and beyond

  • Direct access to my music folder root
  • Greatly increased performances for WebUI and the App
  • Track selection and playback works great
  • Way better Artists and Albums cover image and metadata

Can’t thank you enough :wink:

Note : LMS doesn’t seem to exist anymore on my Synology diskstation