Volumio Webradio Volumio Selections hit and miss

I am finding that the BBC Radio Stations on the Webradio Favorite Radios page do not work. Am I missing something here?

There is workarounds for BBC if you search the forum, since they closed down their webstreams.

Thanks, @Wolfman74
That helps. However I still wonder why the BBC links (which don’t work) are still listed in the Volumio Favorite Radios.

Volumio uses TuneIn as the source for the webradio stations (from my understanding), so I guess the update will come from them.

BBC are now geoblocking, a listener with Volumio in Britain would have working BBC stations I imagine.

I really don’t understand how web radio became such a shambles, stations changing URLs, geoblocked stations, low bitrate streams, and so on.

It is certainly fair to say that the music industry majors are trying to put obstacles in the way of the broadcasting of music by web radios in Flac… ;-(

Plus the BBC has the licence fee issue. They have to try to restrict content to BBC licence fee payers only, except certain channels like World Service and their foreign language radio stations.