Volumio- Warranty issues with the Primo

My Primo failed during the warranty period. I spent close to $200.00 to send the failed unit back to Italy. Instead of sending me a new replacement Volumio offered a supposedly rebuilt unit. That unit never worked. After an initial response saying that they would make good I never heard from them (after many emails on my part) again. Sleazy outfit.

Not sure if the community forum is the best place for this kind (and way) of communication. (I did update the topic, to keep it polite)
Sorry to hear things didn’t work out as expected. But I am pretty sure @volumio will solve your issues.

We as community forum can’t solve this.

Dear Jim,

I want to reiterate that the forum is not the appropriate platform for discussing this matter.
I apologize if there was a misunderstanding regarding our intentions. As I mentioned earlier, we can engage in a more private and focused conversation to address this specific case.

I have sent you an email in which you can provide me with further details about what went wrong and what you were expecting.
I am committed to making the necessary adjustments in the hope of resolving any dissatisfaction you may have.

Thank you for your understanding


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Based on my experience I am not sure I share your confidence in Volumio making things right.

If I am not mistaken you are the person I dealt with on this issue. After I notified you that the replacement unit did not function and your assurances that Volumio would resolve the issue, Volumio completely ignored my half dozen or so follow up Emails. If you really intend to resolve this then please call me.


Jim Hunter

Please don’t post your private information here, use the mail that was sent by Davide. I will removed your phone number from the previous posting.

@Jim_Hunter here at Volumio we strive to provide the best support and experience to our customers. Even in the after sales (this is where you really see how a company cares). Also, we always treat out customers with the mantra “customer is always right”.

But I regret to say Jim, that this time I shall take a stance and defend how our support team handled your case and tell you are being quite unjust with us.

We studied the matter internally, and I can say without sharing some personal details that you’ve been offered plenty of options which went far beyond what some might expect from a manufacturer.

  • You’ve been assisted with roughly 25 mails
  • The unit you first returned had a software issue caused by a third party plugin. This is not your fault because our support specialist authorized the return, but you can see that this situation is a bit like “I am returning my samsung phone because whatsapp does not work”
  • You claimed that you received a faulty unit as replacement, something that our QA excludes
  • Then you’ve been offered (since you were really disappointed) a free upgrade to a Primo2 (which was authorized by me personally as an exceptional case, as we did not have any Primo1), which you never replied to

In any case, when a customer like you has such a bitter taste after having used our products, we still see it as a defeat, even if, like in this case, we really went the extra mile to try to make you happy.

However, what we can’t take is such an unfair representation of facts, that’s why I stepped in

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for your response. However, I strenuously object to a couple of your assertions contained therein. I never received an offer of a Primo II as remedy and should the offer still exist I will take it. Additionally, your “refurbished” unit does not function. I still have that unit and am willing to submit it to a third party, approved by Volumio, and at my expense, to demonstrate that it does not function. And thirdly, after an initial exchange where I notified Volumio that the replacement does not function Volumio ignored all of my subsequent requests for an update, even considering that I had been a premium subscriber since I joined a number of years ago.

Regarding the failure of the original Primo the only other software it has had contact with is Roon, where I used it as an end point. I believe that you advertise Primo as a suitable endpoint.

Please make this right.


Jim Hunter, PE