volumio volume plus/minus

I’m using the command lines “volumio volume minus” and “volumio volume plus”, is there any way to adjust the “step”?

There’s a setting in preferences that sets the volume step size. It defaults to 10%, but you can change it to a few different values. I would prefer 3%, but that’s not one of the options.

Sorry I can’t give you the specific preferences page and terminology - my Volumio crashed again :frowning:

What you say is from Volumio, I need to do it from the command line.

AFAIK the volumio command line client uses the step size which is set in the UI. It does not offer to in-/decrease the volume like /usr/local/bin/volumio volume +3
To work around one could first get the current volume and then set the new volume by something like[code]current_volume = $(/usr/local/bin/volumio volume);
/usr/local/bin/volumio volume $((($current_volume) + 3));

or in one line:

/usr/local/bin/volumio volume $((($(/usr/local/bin/volumio volume)) + 3))[/code]
Disadvantage could be an increased latency until the new volume is effectively set.

Thanks, work fine in my RC!

Good to know, thanks for the feedback!