Volumio Vertuoso -Qobuz???

Have upgraded to the Vertuoso plan. Qobuz does not show at all. Is there a seperate Volumio version to enable Vertuoso with Qobuz?? Am running Volumio on a Allo Digione Signature. Have checked for an update through the app using Firefox, no update appears.

You can find your login on the “Sources” Section.
Can you tell which version you are on?

version is 2.673. Qobuz not in Source section.

Please navigate to your profile first, and check that you have your device listed there and its active

My Allo Digione is listed and Enabled

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Can you go to the sources tab about 20 seconds after volumio starts up? Do you see the options?

Rebooted several times. Still no Qobuz. I changed my plan back to Free. Will try again next year. Hope u can get this working. Thank You.