Volumio v2.x Images for the Thinkerboard S

Hello I need to download the final version of Volumio 2.x (2.977) for the Tinkerboard.

      • There reason is that my Volumio box has some memory corruption and won’t boot anymore and I want to do a clean install.
      • I need v2.x because I have the Pi Touch Screen attached with the on-screen keyboard plugin that is not available for Volumio v3.x

I have searched the forums and I can find links to the old version for RPi but not Tinkerboard. Please would someone provide the link where I can find the older version of Volumio for the Tinkerboard.

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You didn’t look at the opening topic, on the top of the page?


Thanks for the link.

No I did not look at the V3.x thread, that’s an oversight on my part, I searched for threads relating to the Tinkerboard and old versions.

Its not actually an issue with v3 per se, its an issue with the version of Chromium which dost’ support the virtual keyboard overlay so I didn’t bother reading the V3 blog.

But thank you for the link.

I would suggest using an airmouse with keyboard.


V3 doesn’t work with the IQAudIO.