Volumio v2.712 issue with mpd

I’ve updated to v2.712 and media library is not showing and I cannot play any content.

I logged on with SSH and mpd is not running. Running mpd from the command line returns the following:

mpd: error while loading shared libraries: libbcm_host.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This is on a Raspberry Pi 3b with Hifiberry Digi+pro.

This seems to be the same issue that I reported on here:


There’s a workaround (that worked for me) in the thread that I linked to from my second post on the topic.
I’m not sure, though, whether the developers would think it wise to use that workaround.


Yeah, creating a symbolic link to the missing library, rebooted and then deleting user data seemed to be making progress, however mpd has recently crashed during the 1st scan so not working 100%.

I’ll burn a new image when I get chance, but just thought it worth reporting the update issue.

Whilst I appreciate all the work on Volumio, this release seems completely unstable.
It’s not showing the media library properly - shows it in folder view but nothing displayed in album view.
Continual crashes and instability. I know at least one other with similar issues and they’re faced with a long fix process as they installed their media locally.

Is there a fix in progress?

Is there any information/logs I can share to help?

Updated to 2.713, with the same issues.

mpd is freezing (not crashing) during update - possibly consistently on the same file

Feb 29 08:33 : update: added NAS/MyCloud/FLAC/Elbow/Asleep in the Back/06 Newborn.flac
Feb 29 08:33 : exception: std::bad_alloc
Feb 29 08:33 : exception: std::bad_alloc
Feb 29 08:33 : zeroconf: No global port, disabling zeroconf
Feb 29 08:33 : client: [0] opened from local

Managed to get past the file, but same freeze occurring when selecting albums in the interface 100% reproducible.

I have the same issue, I have reverted to version 2.698 and my system is working again.

See this:

The more info we get the quicker we can fix it

Similar issues with the addition of:

-Spotify Connect will play music. Nothing else will play
-NAS music albums disappeared. Deleted NAS. Now Volumio will not let me add NAS back. System reboots if I add NAS and hit save

Any updates on a fix?

FYI, fresh install of 714 fixed all issues for me.