Volumio v. 3.631 with raspberry Pi5 randomly stops playing music

Restart will correct the issue for a while, but it reappears. No error is reported by the DAC and I can access everything as normal on the Volumio interface.


You have serious I/O errors on your ugreen usb device (Digital sourced classical).
Could be your disk is corrupt or you have power issues (more likely) or a bad usb cable?

Thank you! I don’t believe that the disk is corrupt, and the disk is supplied from a separately powered hub. I’ll replace the USB3/SSD enclosure and see if things improve.

As an FYI, my performance has been much better since I added the pi5.

Changing the enclosure had no effect. However, changing the powered hub seems to have improved things so that I have been able to run Volumio for 5 hours without an issue.
Yes, other than that one issue the Pi5 has performed flawlessly, with much improved load/start up times.