Volumio using nextcloud as music storage

Hi all

I am using volumio on an RPi3+.
In the same network I have an RPi4 with an nextcloud instance running.

I want to try to use the nextcloud as storage for the music. I created an separate user account within the nextcloud and try to mount the files with nfs.

If I enter the information in the volumio mount form I get an permission error.
error message is "access denied by server while mounting

I entered the following information:

  • IP: 192.168…
  • path: /media/USBdrive/ncdata/USERNAME/files
  • protokoll: nfs
  • user: Username of the nextcloud user
  • password: password from the nextcloud user
  • option: none

Has anyone of you tried this setting and got it running? What should I enter in the different fields of the of the volumio form?


Best regards