volumio user meeting at high end 2017 in munich

Hi volumio and audiophile friends,

there is a great exibition in munich - the high end 2017 from may 18 to may 21.
I’ll go there and had the idea of volumio community meeting points.

If anyone is interested, my meetinpoint is at may 19. 11am at A4.1 E117.
This is the place where the sound engineer of the collybia Team (Mamboberry DAC) Vasilis Tounas is with his company Ideon audio.
Collybia just announced a suprise - so i am excited.
see collybia.com/munich-hi-end-show-2017/

hope to cu :wink:

Feel free to open more meeting points.

Yeah, I just wanted to write the same. Good hint about the meeting point!
I will be there!

fine, :wink:

I’ll be at the show and staying in the The Rilano Hotel München if anyone else happens to be also staying there, no need to sit in the downstairs bar alone :slight_smile:

Spent quite some time working in Munich (a job for a well known company doing something with 4 wheels, a motor and then offer lease deals for their products :slight_smile: )
Plan to be there, staying at the Mercury hotel at the Leopoldstrasse. Just need to know where and when we meet

I found out yesterday that Joe Bonamassa will be playing in Munich Saturday night (20th May) and I managed to grab one of the last few tickets - so even more to look forward too! :slight_smile:

Tomorrow I will make a blog post, so hopefully there will be a reasonable Volumio crowd meeting!


That be great - maybe next year we can arrange stand space to demo your software,

I’d have a 4-5 people with me it could be interesting if we could find a space for an introduction demo - do you have a laptop / RPi platform or some such to demo with?

I’m a hardware designer and just designed a RPI CM3 based streamer board to be installed into a few DAC designs - Kodi is interesting for Video, but I’ve been told by people I trust that your software is a very good place to look :slight_smile:

Any plans to support MQA decode? maybe I could help you with a meeting…

I’m really backwards WRT computers / software I’m still using windowsXP! so Linux is way above my skill set so it be good to get some pointers of your software.

I will be there along with a friend (Archie) who just happens to be a software developer.

I am also to purchase JohnW’s board.

As I’m a total novice Archie will be able to explain stuff to me afterwards…


I’m also new around here, and just as inapt when it comes to the world of streamer etc. so really keen to see what Michelangelo and his Volumio can do :slight_smile:

Hi John,

Archie will be on hand to remember stuff we forget. :slight_smile:

Sure I will bring some demos with me, also some different platforms as your use case (DSD over HDMI) is quite “edge”.
No plans yet to support MQA, but its something that can be discussed!

DSD output over HDMI would be a nice feature but not critical - DSD input via HDMI (to be able to extract the NativeDSD stream from say SACD would be brilliant- but I suspect at the end of the day limited by the RPi HDMI hardware block rather then what is possible in software).

We can discuss MQA at Munich and if your interested - I could try and arrange an initial “hello” meeting with the guys from MQA.

What days will you be available during Munich?

All days

Hi Michelangelo,
you mentioned “listening sessions” in your blog - is it realistic that there is a great room + system and time for it. We would like to bring one of our mdxs player with us on Friday.

Yeah with listening sessions I meant that we’re going to listen to different systems in different Rooms. I don’t have any listening room booked or available. It would be however great if you could bring an mdxs player with you, in the chance we will find a room that allows us (and we might)

does anybody have plans to visit the High End in 2018 - or arrange a user meeting during this event ?

I’ll be around - anyone else going? Be good to meet the group from last year :slight_smile:

Yes definitely! People let’s have a volumio meeting on Friday, for the one that are attending the fair feel free to send an email to info at volumio dot org and I ll send you a more direct contact!
Let the fun begin!

ha, that would be a great pleasure to see all of you again …
and everybody else