Volumio UPNP Shares


This is my first post here. I’ve been using volumio for a while now and I’m quite happy with it. I use a SCHIIT MODI and the results are just fine for my ears.

Now the question that bothers me is probably too simple but I can’t find an answer in the forums.

When I browse volumio from any UPNP-enabled software, such as VLC, the server is recognized and shown (as volumio: root) but nothing appears inside. Music, Pictures and Video appear empty.

Is there any additional step I must do to enable UPNP browsing of Volumio files?

Just in case, all my files are ALAC or MP3 320Kbps.

Thanks in advance

I experienced the same problem

Anybody to help us? please? :unamused:

dont know if this helps:
under the upnp button is a other button named “upnp indexing” (as far as i remember)
enable this and try it again

@Steve_salsa: are you also using a schiit modi?