Volumio Update 3.179 -> 3.198 never completes

Checking the blog, this type of error seems to go back for years.

Using the Settings->System->System Updates choice in either the iOS app or the web UI, the over-the-air update reaches Downloading / 30% and that’s all, folks. I can reboot the Pi3 and the prior Volumio version is still in place and appears to be healthy.

I know I can re-flash with the latest revision, but I’m hoping that the in-app procedure is less cumbersome. I’m fairly new to Volumio so I’ve never seen it succeed, and don’t know what is displayed when it does. :grinning:

Is there anything I can do to jump into the “middle” of the OTA update? Meaning, if I manually download a 3.198 can I store it somewhere that the update code will notice, and then it will go past the downloading step? Are there other things I can try that may prevent the update process from freezing?