Volumio unresponsive when internet goes out!


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v2.873
Hardware: intel i5
DAC: topping e30

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. My internet connection went out.
  2. I had been using the Pandora plug in
  3. Even the settings screen won’t display
    …Volumio should definitely work well with local content and no working Internet. This situation does happen…

Additional Information

Yes, Volumio should work locally without an internet connection.

Can you provide further information please. Is this just a one off? Did you try local content?

It would be useful to get a system log when it happens, but if it’s only happened once, and is non-reproducible, then it’s a problem to diagnose.

I suspect it is easily reproducible. The only question in my mind is if the Pandora plug in was a contributing factor. I left it undisturbed and then verified it recovered when my Internet returned. It did.

Forgot to answer one question… Yes, I tried to get to local content. I could not. As I said, even the settings screen showed “blank.” This seems like a serious bug. That’s why I logged it.

If you suspect the Pandora plugin then remove it (plugins can and do have unforseen consequences), and run the device on some other content until you are happy that the problem has gone. If you do still get the unresponsive situation, then you can rule out Pandora and still get a system log to investigate what is happening. If at all possible note the time that the problem occurs so it can be pinpointed in the log.

I’m trying to work out a different problem with dsd files.
I sent the log in… this should also hopefully have the Internet weirdness time period.


I can’t see anything in that (very big) log file about loss of internet connections. Plenty of complaints about your DAC and a mixer control … these could be sufficient to make Volumio unresponsive??

I think I’d still remove the Pandora plugin as part of your problem solving, including for the DAC. It leaves you with a much simpler system, and fewer system logs to sift through.

Also, if you are intending to send a log, please do a reboot just before your problem-solving session.

Actually, I did see some errors from the Pandora plugin that seemed related to it losing Internet in there.
If the problem is the Pandora plugin, can the person who maintains that be notified?
The log is quite large because it also happens to contain reloads of the music index. If those are removed, it’s much more manageable.
I sent it originally for a different bug which does relate to the DAC and DSD playback.

Sure, but we are still waiting for your confirmation that the Pandora plugin is causing your problem.

I can confirm that when internet goes off volumio web gui is unreachable.
My setup: volumio 2.882 and spotify connect enabled, static IP, Rpi 4.
I can ssh to the IP, but neither by phone or firefox in my pc I can access
to the IP or volumio.local.
Boot log shows the usual messages that volumio cant connect to spotify and
cant call home for volumio updates, or synchronize time.

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This seems quite serious then. We should be able to listen to locally stored music when Internet is out.

Agree, a serious bug. Maybe there’s a way to tweak volumio settings to avoid this.

Further investigation: same hardware and network settings that Volumio’s,
I can confirm that Moode audio boots fine and plays music flawlessly
from a local USB library, without internet connection.
Moode 7.2.1
RPi 4 2Gb
Wifi static IP
USB hdd 500Gb

I was going to send a bug report but it seems I have the same problem but with a brand new volumio install.
According to my experience, it seems, the index page waits for an answer from myvolumio.firebaseio.something. Never gets it so stops loading.

According to “volumio user” (dec 18), This firebaseio is used for myVolumio and database.
Anywhere to look to be able to listen to local or harddrive music without having volumio connected to the net?

PS: to developers: thanks for the work on that software!