Volumio Tweaks (Can I change Volumio Primo's core control board to resperberry Pi 4?)

As we all know that Volumio Primo is Powered by ASUS Tinkerboard S, what if I open the case and replace this core control board with a resperberry Pi 4?
Is every part of hardware boot up normally?
will be faster and better sound quality?

anyone can answer?

It will not be faster and probably sq will be worse as you don’t get the tweaks we made for tinkerboard.

tinkerboard based device is very slow. I have better user experience on a x86 mini pc.

only if you gonna switch to 64bit it will and you add usb ssd to load from and instead of 1500mhz >2000mhz
and some other tweaks… but when volumio is gonna get 64bit i will be gray and old …

i am not the only one saying volumio reacting slow. if wanna use 64bit volumio, we can install 64bit audiophile linux rt-kernel with volumio UI.

if they could do that would be nice and the song image updating
from hddefault.jpg to a maxresdefault.jpg a mutch nicer image…
we got tips enough…( for youtube…) btw they have to compile all in 64bit this is some work …
btw the tweaks above will boost your system need some cooling but runs butter smooth even with youtube
no dropped frames yess with 1080k sound seems to be a little bit slower ( no hikups like volumio jumping all arround the time bar fast responce is slow as hell on sparky )

Volumio is using MPD to play music however I can not use MPD control APP to control this player.
I am thinking if I uninstall the Volumio Web UI, it can be faster, as the UI is something like hosting a website. And some audiophiles say that the most simple Linux comes with best sound quality.

Does this tweak make sence?

what do you have as board ? btw there is still no 64bit of volumio so you can’t use and mdp did you update your mpd? latest version …? btw linux doesn’t give sound a sound card or dac does…

Sorry, What I mean is a 32bit volumio without Volumio Web UI. the board is Pi B3.

a UI or Not doesn’t make a diffrence in the sound … only a sound card or dac will give a better sound but strange that mpd doesn’t play i tested my tweaks on rpi 4 with 4 gig this worked fine for me but if your pi will have more than 2 gig like the 4 you could take the full power of it because 32bit will give you max 3,25 gig of mem but removing a web UI removing will do nothing because it’s all still controlled by the same mpd / volumio as base…