Volumio streamers

Hello everyone.

Can anyone tell me what can I actually get if I buy Volumio Primo, Rivo or Integro? I am concerned about the subscriptions. Do I still need to pay subscription if I buy one of these products or I get all functionalities permanently?

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yes the devices comes with a permanent full license

No need to login, create volumio accounts or similar???

you need to create an account to login to myvolumio. The license will be applied as myvolumio recognize the devices.

Thank You very much for Your reply and explanation!
Since I don’t like any cloud things nor cloud dependencies, can I remove myvolumio account once the device functions are activated?

nope. it’s needed for all the premium features that comes with the device.
There is a full page dedicated to the privacy policy of Volumio.

So even if I buy the device, I am dependent on volumio company and their servers. Now, imagine one day volumio decide to sell or close the company and old services become unavailable… or become available with a subscription… hahah. Thank You Volumio but no, thank You.

Thank You sir for Your time and kind response.

There is some confusion here, you’ve been given the wrong answer.

Volumio devices come with a special version of Volumio (tailored and customized for each device) which does NOT require any account or internet connection for its premium features to work. Simply put, the premium features are built-in for life, and not dependent on internet connection to work (unless you require it for accessing online streaming, of course).

You will need however to create an account to install third-party plugins from the plugins store (as you need it with any app store…)

I do understand your concern about cloud, being dependent on manufacturers etc. Please do however understand that especially for streamers, which need to connect to many online services for anything except local files, this is something you will need with any of them…

One plus of Volumio devices, is that we have shown in the past that our devices keep getting constant updates and we never abandon them (we are supporting products that we released 5 years ago and counting…)

Thank You very much for this explanation, sir.

You have probably seen my other comments in other topics regarding the plugins. I can accept registering and adding account once to get the plugins but after that I don’t want any of the cloud functions (I would just logout it). It is a music player and not a mobile phone or a playstation. :slight_smile: I hope You understand what I mean.
Yes, I understand that I need internet connection for streaming and I also have subscribed on online streaming services (because it is a service).
In simple words, I want it to work like my B&O devices where I use tidal connect without creating accounts for the device itself.
Even more simple, one time payment and a device which has all the declared features. :slight_smile:

Glad to confirm that with our products this is what you get.


Many thanks for the confirmation. Now I can consider buying a volumio digital streamer.