volumio streamer

finally, it is finished…
…or is it ever?




Looking great! Love the OLED display too, care to share how you managed this? :slight_smile:


Really nice construction. I would also appreciate much to get information on how you solved the OLED part.

thanks in advance



of course i will share the infos.
i used this python interface: https://github.com/dhrone/pydPiper
a really great project from a great guy. he helped me a lot during the process.

maybe there could be made a plugin based on this project?

the advantage is that it already supports different displays very well organized with widgets and so.

best regards


Oh wow, I was already building a new plugin for character displays, but this… this changes everything! :slight_smile:
I think I can make this into a plugin yes… No promises yet, because I will have to read into how to use it exactly, but it looks very promising.

Hey wow - this is what i was looking for.

@Saiyato: Though i’m not a linux guru, i’m a bit in doubt if i will be able to get that running, so a plugin would be a real hammer.

Thank you all (in advance).
I’m tuned.

  • Josef

Come on, Saiyato! You can!

Hello p1234321, can you report exactly what pieces of hardware you need to implement the display?
Can you share the display wiring?

regarding the wiring i recommend this article: https://learn.adafruit.com/ssd1306-oled-displays-with-raspberry-pi-and-beaglebone-black/overview
there is everything you need. i wired it exactly the same.
There are displays which support i2c and spi interface. You maybe have to solder some jumpers for the correct mode.
Here is a link to a quite good description: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/164680/ssd1306-display-spi-connection-or-i2c-according-to-resistors
especially this part:

best regards



did you use “with weather” in pydpiper.service? I use “with weather” and --temperature celcius. But Fahrenheit is displayed.
Also the current time is not displayed when the player is stopped. Do you know how can I solve this?

Thanks p! you use i2c or spi mode?

i used the weather api. and changed to celsius in the config file. regarding the time: there is still a small “bug” in the ssd1306 pages file.
there the timezone is hardcoded to “US/Eastern” i think.
You can simply change it to your location.
PS: i don’t use the docker version but install the requirements manually. not sure if it makes any difference perfomancewise.

yes i use i2c.

Please help me to identify the pcb board that connects the tactile switches to rpi board.