Volumio streamer with I2C DAC + Touchscreen

Wanted to show off my first streamer build, that I’m very proud of :smiley:

The top picture was taken a few days ago and shows a few wires sticking out still, but today I finished it with no wires sticking out anymore :slight_smile:

The build has these features:

  • Hard power button (toggles 12V DC input)
  • Soft power button, will send shutdown command to Rpi4, and can then also turn it back on (as long as Hard power is still on)
  • 7" Touchscreen that displays album art, track info, and playback control
  • Playback + Volume buttons, which are a bit redundant with the touchscreen, but I prefer physical buttons anyway
  • Dual 12V Trigger functionality, that will turn on my power amp as well as toggle my input switch box I built
  • Master volume control in the back to set the maximum output for the DAC, and then use software volume control for controlling output during playback. Thus allows me to control volume from my phone, and also means I don’t accidentally blow up my speakers as the Master volume limits max output.
  • Using 2 buck converters to step down 12VDC to 9VDC for the DAC (Orchardaudio Pecan Pi DAC), and 5VDC for the 7" display + Rpi.
  • All running on Volumio 3.

Really clean look, kind of industrial.

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Really great!
How Do you manage the hard buttons. Is that a plugin?

Yes, GPIO Buttons.

Nice to see,

Where did you find the cabinet?

BR /Niklas

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nice build :100:

Looks great, we’ll done!!!

Modushop, in Italy. (modushop.biz)

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This looks great, My first build is a box I’ve used a £3 bread bin! and the used MdF from pick mix free wood B&Q donation box I built the front and back with MDF wood I’ve put a touchscreen on the front panel a usb from a raspberry pi and a large bass speaker under the touch screen I used x400 dac on top of my raspberry pi 4gb I have added a second amplifier for the bass speaker and two book shelf speakers on the amplifier it has 3 knobs bass treble and volume there not great but work. All speakers are Sony one from Ebay £8.00 and bookshelf speakers £6 from charity shop its been a journey of love and joy. To build this and a headache at times ha ha I will put a picture up of mine.
Hope you like yours looks great
Could you help me out with my next build as I would love hard buttons on my new build.
Great project.

All you need for hard buttons are momentary switch push buttons, which you connect to GPIO pins (typically GPIO pins 1-10 work best as the ones > 10 didn’t seem to work, I suspect something to do with built-in pull-up resistors on the Rpi4). You can use the GPIO-buttons plugin to configure it.

I bought wires from Adafruit which allowed for easy plugging on the Rpi board. On the push button side, I soldered on the wires.

Ciao, complimenti ! non trovo il contenitore su Modushop, sono tutti larghi 435mm, mi diresti il modello esatto ? Grazie

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