volumio streamer little sister

the little sister for my little sister…


not the most beautiful handcraft, but still…

You’re going strong mate! :slight_smile: Nice!
I’m too scared to start my first handcraft project still… Prepping all code first (plugins and stuff)… procrastinating… :unamused:

Oh no, it seems very nice :slight_smile:
How do you make the square holes?
You can use a indelible marker black pen to restore the paint…

Interesting Project.
Could you describe exactly how to connect the display and buttons?
How to set it?
Thank you in advance.

just 4 smaller holes with a drill in the corners and than with a jigsaw…
just very fast and rough for now but i’m planning to get a cnc mill…

regarding the wiring i recommend this article: https://learn.adafruit.com/ssd1306-oled-displays-with-raspberry-pi-and-beaglebone-black/overview
there is everything you need. i wired it exactly the same.
There are displays which support i2c and spi interface. You maybe have to solder some jumpers for the correct mode.
Here is a link to a quite good description: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/164680/ssd1306-display-spi-connection-or-i2c-according-to-resistors
especially this part:

best regards


for the button i created a small pcb with debounce and pullups and everything…

Thank you very much for your answer.
I’m not sure I can do it.
I am looking for a description like for an idiot - step by step :slight_smile:

very cool handmade project.

Can you tell me how you do control Volumio with the front buttons?
I think they are for stop, skip, play and stuff like that.
How do you send the corresponding command to Volumio?




i don’t get email notification when there is an answer…
I use a python script…



You really should earth the case (from IEC inlet earth) and have a mains fuse before the SMPSU…

Nice job on fitting it all into the wee enclosure.