Volumio starup/default volume level

I want to to change the default volume level for Volumio when I connect to it for streaming music from my phone etc. Out of the box, volume level starts around 40% when I select my raspberry pi 3B volumio network endpoint, which is inaudible on my system, where all sources are entering my DSP platform at 0dB or unity gain.

What is the best way to make volume default to 0dB when a connection is first established? I am moderately proficient in linux CLI and have been poking around the pi via ssh but haven’t found any volume values called out yet. Any pointers or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your reply. I wish this had solved my issue. However, enabling the software mixer doesn’t appear to change this behavior. After enabling I tried rebooting several times etc, but when I select the volumio as my wireless speaker endpoint, it always defaults to 40%. This happens on both my iPhone and my Mac laptop. I don’t even see the device as an option from my Windows 10 laptop. Any thoughts?

Does anyone have a similar experience? Aside from this volume issue, I like the platform, but I really hope I can find a solution for this.