Volumio + Squeezelite plugin VS Squeezelite distro

Hi ppl,

Just a question around OS selection for music playback. Does having the volumio os + squeezelite plugin defeats the purpose of having Volumio as an OS because one can just use any squeezelite distro out there.

From a technical perspective - is there any difference audio wise?


No, there’s no difference, since they use the same binary for playback. So yeah, installing the plug-in and only using that for playback (i.e. no playback via Volumio) does defeat the purpose soundwise.

However if you wish to use other plugins developed for Volumio… Then it doesn’t; e.g. the LCD plugin.

Thanks Saiyato for your reply. As you are the developer for the squeezelite plugin - will you be able to make it work with the spotify connect plugin? When i activate the squeezelite plugin - even spotify connect doesnt work.

The only way to listen to music through Volumio is to stop de squeezelite plugin. This is because the squeezelite process claims the soundcard. You might be able to work around it by fiddling with a sound.conf, making slave cards etc. but I must say, that is beyond me for now.

So in short, I can’t make it work right now, only you, by stopping the squeezelite plugin when switching to Spotify.

Thank you so much for your work Saiyato.

Ehlo Saiyato,

My problem is the opposite of Sym’s.

Music from Spotify is working, however no sound from Squeezelite.

My LMS see my volumio and is synchronized, but no music.

What can I do ?

thanks for your reply

Have you set the soundcard for Squeezelite? I think leaving it on ALSA doesn’t work… ever.


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I choose "Default BCM2835 ALSA ".
Capture d'écran de 2018-03-13 12-53-37.png

But there is more choice.
Capture d'écran de 2018-03-13 12-53-21.png
Capture d'écran de 2018-03-13 12-53-26.png

Which one do I have to select ?

It’s working !!!

The good Output Device which is : [(hw) bcm2835 ALSA] Direct hardware device without any conversions

Thanks for your help