Volumio, Spotify playlist shows but will not play item

Modified index.js file with Spotify refresh token per directions in member2398.html, afterwards Spotify playlist is visible in Browse-Spotify-My Playlist-Playlist1. Playlist1 was created in Spotify. The problem now is when I click on the item to play, nothing happens. Likewise the using play in right hand drop down box does not work either. Please help.

Exactly the same here from this morning. It worked for months without problem, now I can’t play from “My playlists”. All other stuff (“My top artists”, “My saved albums” etc.) working. I tried a full fresh install with a fresh token, but it’s not working.

I’m havimg the same problem could it be that this had somethimg to do with the change of the playlist api developer.spotify.com/community … list-uris/

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I did not connect since a week, and today I realize all Spotify playlist do not play. This seems simiar to the problem reported in the post.

When I browse to display Spotify playlist (Genre & Moods, or other) I get to the various individual playlist, but either add to queue, or play, or whatever, does nothing. Log says "
Mar 02 16:41:23 volumio volumio[878]: info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: spop , handleBrowseUri
a green progress bar advance and never gets to the end, nothing happens, neither in log nor on player.


Find a partlly solution this has something to do with the new api calls of spotify. I’m not a node.js programmer but with trail and error i can get the songs back in the list. Search for ‘Marcel’ in this code
index.rar (9.71 KB)

Marceldj I have download the index.rar. Now my playlist is not empty!! But the function “play now” or " add to queue" or “clear and queue” not working. Any ideas?

Hi Gregor,

No it is difficult i’m not a node.js programmer and i can only fix this. I Looked in the rest of the problems this morning but with no succes. I will try it later this week.

Regards Marcel

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Thank you for your effort Marcel

Hello Volumio development team ! I’m a great fan of Volumio and love seeing becoming greater success. I have worked my self through the forum to get a fis for playing Spotify. Now with the token “My Playlist” is filling. Also “My Saved Albums”, “My Saved tracks”, ect.
However the only music I can play are from the list ''My Saved Albums". This is for the moment the only way to play from Spotify. From out “My Paylist” I can click “Play” or “Add to Queue”, but nothing happens. Like described by others above.
Any ideas?

No news / updates on this?

i’ve exactly the same issue… any progress?

bump - this still seems an issue.

my own playlists do play.
all spotify generated content does not.

spotify plugin: 2.0.2
volumio: 2.692

thanks for your hard work! :slight_smile: