Volumio Spotify/General UI Queries

Hi Volumio team,

Firstly I want to thank you for the amazing application that is brilliant for playing high fidelity music from my RPI + PI DAC. I have a couple of questions/suggestions about the interface that may make navigation easier. FYI, I am the type of person who likes to listen to whole albums at a time.

When navigating Spotify (via the Volumio team’s plugin), I have the following observations:
a. If you search and select an artist, then click on an album to view the tracks, there’s no way to then quickly choose to add the whole album to the playlist. The ‘back’ button, if selected, will then take you right back to the start and you have to search for the artist again from scratch. Is it possible (1) to add all tracks from an album to a playlist after you have opened the album, or (2) to go ‘back’ only one step so that you go back to the Artist’s page or your search results, rather than right back to the first screen? This would really save time when browsing to discover music and listen to whole albums. This would also be helpful as there is frequently multiple versions of the same album on Spotify with different track lists (e.g. anniversary editions).

b. If you search for an Artist in the Spotify plugin, select their ‘profile’ and scroll down to view their albums, the number of albums visible is limited and there’s no other way as far as I can tell to view all the albums a more prolific artist has released - you would have to search for earlier albums individually by name in order to find them. Is it possible to select Artist then select Albums and then have a dedicated page with all the albums listed?

Many thanks again for this wonderful application.

Kind regards

Thanks David for your feedback! Many of your suggestions are already on our roadmap!