Volumio Source config when installed on Virtual Box

i installed Volumio on Virtual box and I am trying to add sources. It won’t recognize any local drives or folders.
Not network folders/drives, local Music folder or USB drive.
I tried also to add them in manually with no success.

Is there something I need to config in virtual box to allow Volumio to reach out to music sources??

Yes this would require some setting-up. You need to either share a folder, a USB drive or pass through a complete device to the vm.
Or you would need to make a network share of sorts.
There are some great resources online about this.

Thank you for taking your time and helping me.

The only thing that worked for me (not flawlessly) is USB drive , after adding in VB settings/USB/add USB.
Shared and / or network folders on the HD in the local computer, are not being recognized on Volumio not aoutomaticly nor after manualy added.
Perhaps somthing i need to config in VB first??

What do you mean by:

Are you reffering to the above USB settings i mentioned?

I also dint understand the term of:

I would appreciateif you can reffer me to good resources about your above tips. (I couldnt find any that worked for me :see_no_evil:)