Volumio set up with Synology DS216j Problems

Hi there.

I’ve just setup Volumio on a Raspberry Pi4 successfully, I can access the Interface via my laptop (Mac) - everything is connected via Ethernet cables.

I’ve searched on here but I’ve now spent hours trying to adjust settings to get the Volumio to mount my network drive and it always says mount.nfs: access denied by server

I’ve already enabled nfs on the server, I’m not sure whether I should have done that or not but I saw somewhere that my DS216j didn’t support CIFS from Linux. What should I be doing?

Many thanks.

Does not support NFS? I mount DS server HDD on media player using NFS… Why on volumio would not be possible because îs linux…

Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply. I’m not sure on any of this, but when I try to connect Volumio it does not detect my NAS when I click on “Add a new drive”. Then I have to enter the details manually and it still won’t connect, it says in a box in the top right that the connection is denied by the server

Ok, well I think I have this sorted.

https://www.synology.com/en-global/knowledgebase/DSM/tutorial/File_Sharing/How_to_access_files_on_Synology_NAS_within_the_local_network_NFS Was useful in sorting this out after much searching.

I wasn’t using the correct path, some way down in that link it shows what to do…

I have mapped the Nas drive to volumio, but when I scan the music, nothing is found I use nfs.
Also I have found a post to change sufo chmod ugo +rwx nas name… What is Nas name? Is the aliad given in volumio. I have tried but nothing is shown.
What is strange is that without mounting the drive I could see the server in media server tab but after a while it dissappear, also I have played song from server…
Very strange

Hi ,

I mount sucessfully the NAS drive – strange settings …
Now I see the music when I scan it .
Why I do not see the server in tab Media servers:? I was able to see it for a few minutes…