Volumio server on an android phone?

I tried using the Volumio server on a RPi3 for a while, but the sound output is very low. I understand that is a hardware problem with the RPi and the suggested solution is to install a DAC hat. Then I thought, many people have an old unused android phone lying around, at least I do - would it be possible to install Volumio on that? An Android phone ought to have the same functionality has an RPi. I see there’s a Volumio app available in the Play store, but installing it, I only seem to be able to get it to work as a client towards a Volumio server elsewhere? Am I missing something?

TL;DR - is it possible to use an Android mobile phone as a Volumio Server? How?

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Headphone jack is headphone jack, output levels might differ a bit on device basis, but i dont think this would solve your proplem of having low output levels without external DAC.

I’m not aware of an Android version of volumio.

If I connect speakers to the phone through the headphone jack, music I play though any other app (Spotify, Google Music etc) are loud and clear though the speakers, so why shouldn’t Volumio be?

Forget Volumio on android. There is no plans for that.

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Right, thanks for a straight answer. :slight_smile: