Volumio server is craching and I must reboot it

I mounted some Samba share systems but I disabled them from the volumio UI

i would just start with clean install of volumio to make sure the one not causing it is the collection of changes you made from the clean install. if it still causing trouble, it must be the hardware. the sd card can also be problematic so maybe try another one. start from the very basic of troubleshooting. isolate the problem. premise 1: maybe changes from base install caused this, solution: start from clean slate. premise 2: sd card issue, solution: try another card. premise 3: network issues, solution: try wired network, etc etc etc. it is trivial to start from clean slate if it solves the problem, add changes little by little to get back to your current setup. everytime you make changes, check if the problem occurs so that you know which step of changes caused it. do a systematic way instead of random guesses.

Will try what you suggest. FYI: The Pi is connected to the network using a physical cable and not using Wifi

if your clean install works, you have at least something to continue. if the clean install does not work, this is more a serious problem. possibly try another media streamer which uses different kernel etc. if that works, it can be a kernel issue with the base image. important to try first with base images and see if even the base image breaks.

Does volumio supports another media streamer ? If yes, how can we switch to use another one ?

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the default is using mpd. you can install the squeeze plugin and lms server and use iPeng client in iphone or any lms/squeeze clients to connect to the streamer.