Volumio ' s own mobile DAP

Hi! Sorry I am new in this comunity and no Programmer or something like that. I am a stiupid USER. I was looking for a mobile DAP like the iBasso DX 160 or Fiio M11 and realise that they are all working on Android. And because of the regulations between USA an China no new Androidversions can be used for a DAP.
Then I came across the HiBy 3 pro that is working on a HyBy version of Linux.
So in my opinion Volumio would be an idle platform for a mobil DAP. Maybe after that great sucsess of the Primo it is time for the next piece of Vomulio own Hardware maybe in cooperation with HiBy iBasso Fiio or shanling. All of them are struggeling with the Android lizenses so it may be an opertunety.
And for Volumio it could be the first ready to use Player!
Just an idea.