Volumio running on UDOO as source for I2S output to DAC

I just got a UDOO quad and wondering how to get I2S digital stream out of it. I2S output is indicated to work in this latest revision.

Did someone got this to work? What output pins are to be used?

Am interested in this as well!

If I understand correctly on the UDOO any pins can be appointed for I2S.
My suggestion to the developers is just to pick a set of pins and appoint them for I2S (via code).

I also am waiting for I2S implementation in Volumio. I am planning to build an all-in-one streamer with a quick response on commands. Therefore an UDOO suits me better than a RPi (on which I also have to solder the I2S connector).


I2s support on UDOO would be great.

In the past few days I did some research on this matter: its the iMX6 chip that reportedly can generate I2S via SSI as reported in the iMX6 on Freescale’s page (e.g.: cache.freescale.com/files/32bit/ … pe=product pgae 15). The UDOO folks have provided further details how to access I2S in their schematics of their rev D board (download.udoo.org/files/schematics/UDOO_REV_D_schematics.pdf): on page 12 on the lower right side the pinout is specified:

I2S Channel 5

Where as TX = transmit / RX = receive and I presume C = clock, D = data and FS = frameshift.

Per wikipedia on I2S (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%C2%B2S) the bus at leas consists of bit clock, work clock, and data line.

So it looks like here is a match, but I am not sure if frameshift corresponds to the word clock and I am also not clear why this is supposed to be a “channel 5”.

In total, there is significant evidence that UDOO supports I2S, but it needs to experimenting around to confirm that. Any suggestions how to do this?

need a driver who doesnt seems to exist yet …