Volumio running in Web-browser, but no sound. MiniDSP SHD

Hi there,

I got the MiniDSP SHD and I am pretty happy about it but I got two problems, one of which I will state in this thread.

I’m using 99% Tidal with an HiFi-account, the SHD is on a network switch, all other devices attached to the switch work without a problem, so it’s most likely no internet problem.
I can log in to Tidal an it plays fine (the SHD is a huge upgrade!).

Sometimes after a song when playing an album or a playlist, there is no more sound coming out of the speakers and I can’t forward to another song. I’m using the web interface with a tablet (Chrome on Samsung Tab S5e). The time of the track keeps running but no sound is playing. I can forward to the next track, the notifications says “now playing xxxx” but still no sound. Sometimes the web interface does not respond at all. Only two things help: switching the power off (which I would like to avoid) or a soft reset (reboot) over the settings menu. After 2 minutes of rebooting the problem is gone. Even if I wait for hours without rebooting, the problem is not gone.
I also tried different web-browsers, no difference in the behaviour.
This can happen after 10 minutes, 5 times a day or not at all on one day. There is no pattern other than I think it is always after a song has finished.
Needless to say that I’m not happy about it.

I didn’t find something of value with google search and search on the forums about that specific device and behaviour.

Thanks for your help!

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Did this get any answer? Others have this issue?

Please can you send a log, so we can help :wink: