volumio / rp3 player - always on?

Not sure where to post this = but just a general question for everyone who’s DIY’ed their own player.

Do you leave it one 24/7? Or just boot on demand?
My powersupply is no problem being on 24/7 - just wondering about the harddrive / rp3.

Wondering what’s the best way to treat it.
Is there an "elegant’ way to power down?
Via a front panel switch would be optimum - not software.

Or just hit the power button?

There are powerbutton options available in plugins. I’m just plain lazy, I leave it on all the time.

If you want an hardware solution:

I just fell in love with it…

I use an AtxRaspi with my RPi player (and also with an Odroid C2 video player).


my lazy people solution is ecologically, because also psu is disconnected from mains.
(imagine how many psu would remain in mains!)